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Slide Use 'SIEAA,' A Platform That Will Transport Luggage From Your Home To The Station or Airport
Planning to travel but worried over the issue of moving luggage? We at SIEAA are here to assist you with excursions, carry your belongings from your home and drop you at your ideal station or air terminal. Now, no need to take the stress any longer. Travel bother free, we are here to take your luggage.

Slide Mission We aim at providing door to door services and
smooth dealing with and transportation of baggage from your home to your Seat in Train/Bus Station and Airport and the other way around with ensured security.

Project 1 Travel Hassle Free
Delivery of the luggage would be guaranteed before the departure to provide a tension-free traveling experience to travelers.
Project 2 One more layer of security with our Lock fixing
Stealing or tampering of baggage could be a cause of worry so for this we have added an one more layer of security to your luggage.
Normal zips and zip sliders can easily break or be removed and resealed with something as basic as a pen.But,our security locks are hard to decode and thus,provides you utmost surety and security.
Project 3 Keep your Luggage insured
One can experience the unfortunate anytime.So,it is wise to prepare for the worst.Loss of luggage can happen always and mostly airline services prefers not to answer the customer on the pretext of mishandling of their goods.So,luggage insurance is a significant piece of a travel protection plan and a sure go-to solution . In any case, it can likewise be taken as independent protection. During a flight, if the luggage gets harmed or destroyed because of fire or different reasons, you can get the repayment for the misfortune through an insurance.The protection likewise covers the misfortune you face because of luggage delay. Subsequently, our feature of luggage insurance guarantees a peaceful trip.
Project 4 Real time Geo location of your Luggage With our tracking feature you can track your train or flight status so that you reach the station or airport on time and get your luggage. Project 4 Porter Services at selected Airports and Bus/Railway Stations
WE provide convenient,reliable and most efficient porter services in
___ cities at selected airports , buses and railway stations.It has successfully removed the vulnerability or frangibleness from driver’s demand curve.
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Diversity HOW DO WE WORK How do we
Users Choose a time slot that suits them on the day of travel. We’ll come to your doorstep, verify your details and seal your bags in front of you.
Diversity TRANSIT Transit After your Baggage is picked and tagged we will take care of it and move to Airport or Train/Bus Station Solution DELIVERY OPTIONS Delivery Options We will Deliver your luggage at the station or on the airport from where you want to board.

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Make it

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